Willingness to Pay for Breeding Technology:
Evidence from A Survey of Senegalese Dairy Farmers

*with Karen Marshall and Aya Missohou

In Senegal, several government campaigns have been undertaken to expand access to AI to increase the productivity of the dairy sector with at times mixed success. In this survey, dairy farmers in Senegal were asked about the advantages and disadvantages of AI and natural breeding as well as their willingness to pay (WTP) for natural breeding and AI of various exotic cattle using a double-bound contingent valuation experiment. Farmers surveyed listed the main disadvantage of AI as a low success rate and lack of breed choice and generally did not value AI differently than natural breeding. In contrast to previous results, farmer characteristics had relatively no bearing on WTP whereas previous AI use and using a private provider had a significant effect on WTP; in general, those using a private provider valued the technology more. Given the low success rates of public campaigns, farmers using the public service may value the technology less because of these experiences.